8th work

「I am a cat」しし

This time, I made it with the image of "gray cat".
The pedestal is antique gold and the board is white.
Can be gray x white plaid.

Overall size about 44㎝×44㎝  height about 24㎝

Size of piece about11.5㎝

・Table is resin  

・Transparent cover is transparent acrylic board

・Piece (cat) and trout are PLA +Top coat

​・Eyes are Swarovski

​♦Material is PLA

PLA: Poly-Lactic Acid. It is also called polylactic acid resin. Plant-derived plastic material derived from starch etc. contained in corn and potatoes. Unlike petroleum origin, it is also possible to return to soil by utilizing the biodegradability of polylactic acid.

The square of the board is a combination of large and small pieces.

There are 3 combinations.

You can change the combination and make it uneven.

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