PLA: Poly-Lactic Acid. It is also called polylactic acid resin. Plant-derived plastic material derived from starch etc. contained in corn and potatoes. Unlike petroleum origin, it is also possible to return to soil by utilizing the biodegradability of polylactic acid.

* 2

Woody PLA: A new filament developed for printing wood-like objects. It is a special filament in which fine particles of wood are mixed with PLA resin.

My first work is called

        "Maneki Fuku"

This is black & white version

The idea came from my imagination.

"Maneki Fuku" means "bring good luck and happiness"

Let's make shogi with "Maneki Fuku".

Overall size about 44㎝ × 44㎝  height about 20㎝

Size of piece about10㎝

・Table is resin  

・Transparent cover is transparent acrylic board

・Piece (cat) and trout are PLA (*1)

・The piece (upper part) is woody PLA (*2)

​・Coloring of piece (cat) is water-based acrylic

+Top coat

The squares of the board are not only wood brown,white and violet are also available for the plaid.
The atmosphere changes dramatically with brown.
It has a Western taste as shown in the picture


The square of the board is a combination of large and small pieces.

There are 3 combinations.

You can change the combination and make it uneven.


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