To you who love cats...

      and classical music

kakizawa fukutarō

II staeted to listen  to classical music.

because, my mom loves classicai music.

My dad...Motown music.

So,my house is aiways filled with music



8th work

「 i  am  a  cat 」

7th work

「  Big Mirror 」


 I made a "big wall mirror". 

63 parts are combined. 

Colors ①white and ②bronze x white.ar

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5th work

「Black: mirror & photo frame」しし

6th work

「  CHESS  」


I made "CHESS" which was requested before.

The pieces are black base and bronze base.

The pedestal is black.

The board is black, blue, coffee, yellow and plaid.

You can change the height

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Black 1 color.I made it a mature work.

Both sides can hold a pen or brush.

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Third work

「和(WA): Black Cat Version」

2nd work

   "Mirror & Photo Frame"

This time, it was produced with the image of “Japanese modern taste”.

I sprayed a bit of lame on the black “Maneki Fuku”.

The pedestal is antique gold. The board is based on white.

If you are interested, I am very happy.

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4th work

“Kakugen": Mirror & Photo Frame

I made it as a gift to give to your friend, or to yourself, who makes a new start.
The meaning of the maxim is posted on the details page.

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My first work is  called "Maneki Fuku"

Interior that brings happiness,

and you can play in Shogi

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